1. Gold and Perlite Exploration in Africa


  1. Copper Exploration in Yemen


  1. Manganese Exploration in Indonesia & India


  1. Bauxite Exploration in Maharashtra


  1. Iron ore Exploration in Karnataka


  1. Shale/slate Limestone Exploration in Rajasthan


  1. Magnesite & Limestone Exploration in Tamil Nadu & Jammu and Kashmir


  1. Graphite Exploration in Tamil Nadu and Kerala


  1. Soapstone & Crystalline Magnesite Exploration in Nepal


  1. Technical expertise in Mineral beneficiation – gangue mineral liberation studies, lab Scale, Hi-Tech instrumental chemical analysis, pilot scale and setting up of beneficiation plant.


  1. > 500 Approved Mining plans/Scheme for minerals and granites.


  1. > 300 Environmental Clearances from MoEF


  1. DGPS Survey, Drone, Satellite image processing, Photogrammetry and Georeferencing of maps.