We are exited of being with you in your company Aadhi Boomi Mining and Enviro Tech (P) Ltd with objective of achieving eco friendly and green environment together with high tech industrialization in various sectors in addition to  advance technology in mineral exploration and Mine Planning. We proud to convey that ABM is the first NABET/ QCI accredited company with RQP certificate holders in Tamil Nadu. Putting proponent and stack holders First, Pursuing Excellence, Embracing Change, Acting with Integrity and Serving the industry.

With change everywhere, We are bringing innovation in the field of Mining, Mineral Beneficiation, Highways, Building and Large Construction projects etc. ation with our clients.We are promoting sectors such as Power, Cement, Manufacturing Industries, River valley, Oil and gas exploration etc for the years ahead.

S.Suriyakumar, M.Sc., M.Phil, F.C.C. (Min) PGDBA, DIPC
Managing Director
Though our primary concentration were in mineral exploration with remote sensing data, processing and development of high precision small scale maps for value added project formulations but we expand our activities in Environment Monitoring, Environment Clearance, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environment Management Plan, Wildlife/Forest Clearance from EAC, SEAC, DEAC NBWL and other concerned fields. Also we have latest software’s to process data for interpretation of environment, topographical modeling etc.

Our associates are our top investment with whom we made MoU like Ekdant Enviro Services Private Limited, Chennai for environmental monitoring of baseline parameters. The MoU is made for a period of three years from 03.03.2015 to 02.03.2018 and continue at will. It is not enough until we have self sufficient in house facilities.

Your company have inhouse facilities to conduct field investigation like PM2.5, PM10, Seismograph, DDR3 Resistivity meter, DGPS, Total Station, Water level meters, GPS 62S, Sound level meter etc… with advanced software.

Our well known expert team of Engineers, Scientist and senior consultants associated as in-house\empanel as per ver.3 of EIA Accreditation Scheme framed by QCI/NABET under guidelines of MOEF&CC/CPCB/SPCB have a longstanding reputation for excellent customer service.

We seek continual improvement of our health, safety, environment and community relations performance based on sound risk management strategies. We believe in transparent engagement and communication with all our stakeholders, in consultation with our Clients.