AADHI BOOMI MINING DGPS EMPANELMENT AGENCY BY GOVERNMENT OF TAMILNADU WELCOME TO Remote Sensing & GIS including Satellite data processing, m NABL ACCREDITED LABORATORY Chemical testing for Rock, Ore and Mineral Analysis,
Petrographic optical mineralogy studies, Environmental
parameters like Air, all types of water, Soil, Noise and
Microbiological testing of microbes, food etc
Environmental Clearance, Forest
Clearances & Echo sounder

AADHI BOOMI MINING AND ENVIRO TECH (P) LTD, a QCI/NABET Accredited EIA Consultant Organization having it’s Registered Office at Salem and Branch at Porur, Chennai were promoted by a team of professional Geologists\Mining\Environment\Civil\ Mechanical\ Chemical Engineers\Scientists. The company has vast experience in various disciplines including Exploration and mining of minerals and was incorporated in 2002 in the name of Suriya Mining Services providing expert advice and solutions for clients’ requirement in the field of Mineral prospecting, Exploration, Mining, Geo-technical, Techno economical Feasibility reports\evaluation, Mineral Engineering, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environment Management Plan (EMP), Environmental and Analytical Laboratories, Environment Monitoring  and related liaison jobs like Environment Clearance, Wild life and Forest clearance from DEIAA/SEIAA/NBWL/CRZ, MoEF& CC etc of all accredited sectors.


ABM Geospatial Technology with advance Drone technology with DGPS for Aerial surveying and Mapping

ABM Environmental and Analytical Laboratory for chemical and Biological Testing

Our Services

Company’s primary Business are Professional Hi-tech Surveying,Drone, Photogrammetry, Mining Plan and Environmental Consulting Services.


EIA & EMP for all accredited sectors and Monitoring as per SPCB/CPCB/MoEF CC.

Environment Clearance

Environment/ Wild life/ CRZ/ Forest Clearance

Social Impact Analysis (SIA)

Social Impact Analysis (SIA) and Eco-Biodiversity studies for Mine Closure Plan

Laboratory services

Laboratory services Chemical testing for Rock, Ore and Mineral Analysis, Petrographic optical mineralogy studies, Environmental parameters like Air, all types of water, Soil, Noise and Microbiological testing of microbes, food etc

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing & GIS including Satellite data processing, ASTER, DEM etc for application in Forest, Agriculture, Disaster, Mineral Exploration, Environment Modelling, Town planning etc

Drone and Photogrammetry

Drone and Photogrammetry for Mapping and Aerial surveying, conversion of Raster into Vector plans, 2D Ortho photo mosaics, 3D videos, DEM, DTM, volumetric estimation, stock assessment etc.


Hydro geological studies for Basin Evaluation, Resistivity survey, Hydro-gradient analysis, pump test, Water Horse power calculation for pumping, Water table monitoring etc


Geophysical, Geochemical & Geotechnical studies to locate concealed deposit formation including structural studies,


DGPS and Total Station high precision surveying


Geological Surveying, Mapping, Exploration and Project Management


Core drilling, Chemical testing and thin section studies


Noise and Vibration studies as per DGMSMoEF to design controlled blasting where inhabitations are located within 300m with blast design and optimisation.


Ecology and Biodiversity studies, CRZ mapping, Underwater mapping using continuous monitoring Echo sounder etc

Mining Plan

Mine Design and costing, selection of Machineries and Project Evaluation

Environmental Clearance

Statutory Mine Plans & Sections, Mining Plan and other mandatory projects.


Design and development of Mineral Beneficiation Plant including mineral separation studies.

The company is committed towards providing cost effective, eco friendly, complete range of high quality solutions and services, compatible to UNFC, JORC and NI 43-101 International standards in the domain of Geo resources development, right from identification of potential mineral properties – Surveying – Exploration – Resource estimation – Mine planning, Mine development – Plans/schemes/Report – Studies – Supervision – Environment Clearance – Office Documentation – up to marketing of products We have developed and embrace new technologies and methodologies a number of in-house and commercial software tools to help us to quickly converge on the optimal strategy and design to the advantage of our clients and our business. Our professionals are committed to international standards of environment management practices. We intend to work with our clients according to the laws of the land, with full respect to the traditions and customs of the communities we work in.


In addition to the above the company propose to engage experts from other sectors like Power, Cement, Manufacturing Industries, River valley Oil and gas exploration etc. For carrying out the above works, we have a team of senior consultants; in-house\Empanel experts in all functional areas as per version.3 of EIA Accreditation Scheme framed by QCI/NABET.

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